Stathis Kanios

Stathis Kanios is a professional dancer that has been working with Zouk since 2009. He has performed and taught in various venues and festivals in Europe and Middle East and has helped with the growth of Zouk in Denmark and Greece. Mostly trained in Mzouk and Brazilian Zouk, he is currently teaching in Kuwait.

Georgia Pratila

Georgia Pratila, is a passionate Zouk dancer in Athens-Greece since 2014. In 2017 she partnered up with Platon Aspriotis and since then they have been teaching in weekly classes and seminars and creating choreographies.  Her aim is to promote Brazilian Zouk in Greece, by teaching, organizing classes, parties, workshops and other events, and to inspire more people become part of the Zouk community.

Platon Aspriotis

Platon Aspriotis is the shadow figure of the team. While working behind the spotlight he assists, inspires and keeps the team in high spirits and good health. His goal is to see the greek zouk community flourish.

Alex Hattie

Alex Hattie, is an IT/Web Specialist and a passionate dancer of Latin dance. As a member of he is promoting Zouk in Athens and his dream is that Zouk to be the Best dance option in Greece while inspiring others to learn Zouk. Together with his partner Natassa, they are working in new techniques and advance in their zouk path.

Irene Lai

Irene Lai is a certified Modern ISTD and Bollywood dance teacher since 2012. She fell in love with Brazilian Zouk and from 2015 she is a Zouk instructor and choreographer that also organizes classes, parties, workshops, shows etc. Her goal is to make Athens a top Zouk destination in Europe.

Joanna Pierchala

Joanna has been working on and off with dancing since 2011 and has organized and participated in dance events in Northern Europe and Middle East. Currently working in UAE.

Danai Taloumi

Danai Taloumi, has a strong dancing background in ballet, hip-hop and pole dancing.  In 2016 she fell in love with Brazilian Zouk and since then, she has been attending numerous seminars, congresses, and taking private classes with renown teachers form all around the world. Her goal is the growth of the Brazilian Zouk community in Thessaloniki and Greece, by teaching in group and private classes, performing and organizing parties and events.