TyZ Sensation

Event Details

Tango and Zouk Sensation in Copenhagen!!

Tired of your regular milongas, salsa or zouk parties? Have been doing different dances and want something new? Feeling adventurous? We might have something for you… Mark your calendars and get ready for a Saturday full of tango and zouk in Copenhagen!!

Schedule of TyZ Sensation :

13:15 – Doors open
13:30 – 14:25 – Tango Partner work, adornments & musicality
14:30 – 15:25 – Tango Emotions & movements according to music

15:30 – Break (fetch a takeaway for a late lunch, try one of the fabulous M2tango’s coffees and teas)

16:00 – 16:55 – Zouk technique – basics
17:00 – 17:55 – Zouk technique – partner work
18:00 – 18:55 – Lady (not only) styling: body movements, decorations
19:00 – 19:55 – Tango/zouk – everything on the mix

20:00 – 20:15 – Break
20:15 – 21:10 – Spice up social dancing with Contact Impro, Juli Gabor
21:15 – 01:00 – Party: music that you can dance zouk, kizomba,tango + contact improvisation jam( dj kast ) This party is going to be NUTS!


TangoyZouk Pack 01: 220dkk [250sek][30Euro](2 classes + party)
TangoyZouk Pack 02: 320dkk [360sek][43Euro](3 classes + party)
TangoyZouk Pack 03: 400dkk [460sek][53Euro](4 classes + party)
TangoyZouk Pack 04: 600dkk [680sek][80Euro](7 classes + party)

Party: 60dkk [70sek][8Euro]
Single class: 100dkk [115sek][13Euro]


For registration please send an e-mail to: tangoyzouk@gmail.com

Please include in your e-mail:
– Your Name & Surname
– Your city / country
– Gender (Male / Female)
– Required package
– Who is your festival partner (it IS NOT necessary, but VERY welcome)

*we will put all effort to put single dancers in contact with each other
in order to set up partners already before the festival:)


Payment: during the event, in cash (DKK, SEK or Euro, please notice we give change in DKK)

Teachers and DJ’s:
Stathis Kanios www.facebook.com/pages/Kast/159626150764507
Joanna Pierchala
Juli Gabor

Workshop themes are under consideration, don’t be afraid to recommend themes that you would like to learn!

If you have any further questions write to tangoyzouk@gmail.com or contact Joanna directly.